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As people begin to pursue a healthy lifestyle, people’s enthusiasm for sports has risen. Many people began to love sports and running, and all kinds of sports shoes have become the standard equipment when people exercise.

The performance of running shoes is related to design and materials. The choice of materials is a key part of making a good pair of shoes. People’s requirements for sports shoes are getting higher and higher, which subsequently accelerates the speed of material innovation. As an elastomer composite material, the sole of shoes will have friction with the ground in the process of use, which affects the abrasion, and improving the abrasion resistance of elastomer materials used for shoe soles is of great significance for the safety, service life, and energy saving of shoe soles.


Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) has gained popularity in the footwear industry due to its versatile properties, including flexibility, durability, and ease of processing. TPU shoe soles are known for their comfort and design potential, but they can sometimes fall short when it comes to wear resistance.

Effective Solutions for Improving TPU Sole Wear Resistance

SILIKE Anti-abrasion Masterbatch NM-6 is a pelletized formulation with 50% active ingredient dispersed in Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU). It’s particularly developed for TPU shoe’s sole compounds, helping to improve the final items’ abrasion resistance and decrease the abrasion value in the thermoplastics.

Compared to conventional lower molecular weight Silicone / Siloxane additives, like Silicone oil, silicone fluids, or other type abrasion additives, SILIKE Anti-abrasion Masterbatch NM-6 is expected to give a much better abrasion resistance property without any influence on hardness and color.

Typical benefits:

(1) Improved abrasion resistance with decreased abrasion value.

(2) Impart the processing performance and final items’ appearance.

(3) Eco-friendly.

(4) No influence on hardness and color.

(5) Effective for DIN, ASTM, NBS, AKRON, SATRA, and GB abrasion tests.


It should be specially explained that all SILIKE Anti-abrasion masterbatch NM series focuses on enlarging its abrasion resistance property except for the general character of silicone additive, SILIKE Anti-abrasion masterbatch is particularly developed for the footwear industry, mainly applied to EVA/TPR/TR/TPU/Color RUBBER/PVC compounds. (In order to let footwear clients better understand this product’s functionality and application,  we can call it silicone abrasion agent, Anti-abrasion additiveAnti-wear masterbatch, etc)

A small addition of SILIKE Anti-abrasion Masterbatch can effectively improve the final EVA, TPR, TR, TPU, rubber, and PVC shoe sole’s abrasion resistance and decrease the abrasion value in the thermoplastics, which is Effective for the DIN abrasion test.

In addition, the SILIKE Anti-abrasion Masterbath/ anti-wear additive can impart good processing performance, The flowability of resin largely increases, and the abrasion resistance is the same both inside and outside. at the same time,  largely increasing the usage span of shoes. Unify the comfort and reliability of shoes.

SILIKE is pleased to provide you with effective solutions to improve the abrasion resistance of the shoe outsole, and look forward to your inquiry!

Post time: Nov-01-2023